COOP Update

The COOP site and car park offer the most important opportunity to regenerate Kidlington Centre in decades. More information about this application can be found on our COOP page Sad to see that the COOP seems to be running the store down in advance of any decision. We hear  that the earliest the application might be considered is at the May planning committee.   The proposals remain open for public comment and feedback.  To do this email the Planning department (with your full name and address included) at The application is ref. no. 15/01872F and can be viewed at:

We checked the Cherwell planning website today to bring you this progress report

Cherwell planning policy statement by Chris Thom Cherwell's  Head of Strategic Planning and the Economy , 11th February

"The proposed development needs to contribute significantly to the regeneration of the village centre to comply with policy Kidlington 2.  To help determine whether this would be achieved, the advice of the Design and Conservation Team should be taken, as should the advice of the County Council as Highway Authority on the loss of car parking.  High quality design that significantly improves the quality of the built environment, thereby assisting the vitality of the town centre, would be supported from a policy perspective.  Without a significant contribution to regeneration of the village centre, the proposal would be contrary to policy Kidlington 2.  "


So Policy supports our view that the successful scheme needs to meet good urban design principles - on those grounds the current application should be rejected.


14th March: The applicant is challenging the validity of Oxfordshire Council request for contributions to  improve the bus service to Langford Lane . The main points about the request for a bus contribution are:

  • Provides sustainable transport link to local concentration of jobs – currently links are poor. In NPPF (National Planning Policy Framework) terms the contribution is required for the development to take up opportunities for sustainable travel.
  • Relates fairly in terms of contributions secured from other developments.
  •  Fits with long term LTP strategy to promote the Oxford to Langford Lane route as a key rapid transit route – in the interim period building patronage is important towards this long term aim.

Developer has argued that based on current Kidlington census a very small numberof residents will be bus users wanting to access employment at Langford Lane. This misses the point that the transport strategy seeks to increase public transport modalshare and reduce car modal share. This is particularly strong in the Oxford Transport Strategy, and Kidlington falls within the scope of that strategy.


Car Parking: Bob Duxbury has written  "The applicant is seeking to provide CDC with comfort that adequate car parking for the town centre will continue to be available after this scheme has removed two-thirds of the current publicly available car parking". This report will be published once finalised


Kidlington Councillors Neil Prestige and  Maurice Billington wrote on 5th February giving their objections.