Gavray Meadows Petition

All Cherwell residents can Petition Cherwell Council to protect  Gavray Meadows: Act now ends 30thApril

Bicester EcoTown planning proposals may fail to protect Gavray Meadows 

We the undersigned petition the council to Stop all planned development on Gavray Meadows, on the land east of Langford Brook and bounded to the north by the London railway and to the south by Gavray Drive.

The land is a Local Wildlife site designated in 2002 from historic farmland. It is home to many different species, some rare and all of value to our appreciation of the countryside which is fast vanishing around Bicester.

Started by: patricia Clissold (Campaign to Save Gavray Meadows for Wildlife)

This Petition runs from 13/07/2015 to 30/04/2016.


Take an audio walk round Gavray here:


Bicester residents wish to preserve the only remaining area of untouched damp grassland habitat in the Bicester area. The fact that it is part of the River Ray Conservation Target Area and is designated as a local wild-life site has been ignored (see the Thames Valley Environmental Records Centre website). The habitat contains at least as many species, if not more, compared with the new Meadow Farm Reserve bought by BBOWT this July. The area can be seen plainly (demarcated by the sloe hedges) on the 1885 Ordanance Survey map just as it appears today on Google Earth mapping from the air. If Bicester is an "Eco-Town" surely it should have its own wild-life site? It has one ready made if (and only if) we can keep it.

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