Residents fear Kidlington masterplan could lead to largest village in UK overcrowding

RESIDENTS in Kidlington have warned their village could face serious overcrowding if building projects planned for the area over the next 15 years are approved. It comes as a new masterplan was unveiled yesterday at Exeter Hall, looking at where new homes and offices might be built – including greenbelt land. The village is one of the largest in Europe and residents have resisted it becoming a town, despite having a population far greater than other towns.


But they expressed their worries about the village's future, with the developments laid out in the masterplan potentially lessening the space between their homes and Oxford.


 Retired swimming teacher Richard Tyrrell, who lives in Banbury Road, said: "They want to build in areas that I think are already overcrowded, like near to Langford Lane. "Have these people who have made this plan ever tried to get out of Kidlington in the morning? Often you'll get traffic building up until the police station. "The Green Belt land is important, but if you build homes there then where are the people going to come from to fill them?"


Cromwell Way resident Carl Smith said he was also concerned about the traffic problems that more building work could create.