Master Plan does not propose 3000 Homes in Green Belt

This weeks Oxford Times again leads with an article stating that the Kidlington Master Plan includes consultation on the possibility of building 3,000 homes in the Kidlington gap.



KDW has highlighted two points where the Master plan could undermine the Green Belt if not challenged. Both are quite well hidden in the proposals.


Clearly, the Green Belt is a huge issue. We think that if the Green Belt is becoming an irritant to those considering developing parts of it, then it is doing its job. The Green Belt provides lungs and windows for us all.


We do not know the source of these rumours but clearly it is important to respond to the Master Plan consultation. Please send your feedback to Cherwell before the deadline. The consultation closes on 13 April 2016. Three years in planning and 28 days to respond - Wake up people.


KDW has emailed out guidance on responding If you want to subscribe please message us via FB or email


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