Parish Council to discuss Master Plan

The Kidlington Master Plan will be discussed at the Parish Council Meeting tonight (7th April). Exter Hall 7.30 pm. If anyone is able to attend please let us have a report


The Parish Council has confirmed the situation as follows. Pretty shabby consultation that does not allow for discussion of the proposals with the local Parish Council. Well done KPC for taking a democratic principled approach.


"The only council opportunity was 17th March and the planners were invited to come. Nobody was available on the night and they also said that they were not prepared to attend an open public meeting of the council.


KPC decided that there was no advantage in the whole council going through it with them in detail in those circumstances especially as there is a public exhibition when any individual Councillor can get answers to any of their own questions.

It was left that members pass their comments to Cllr Mackenzie-Wintle to draft a Parish Council response.


That response will clearly be agreed by all members before it is sent out and it will be ratified at the first opportunity when the full council next meets.

In the meantime there is a Policy & Finance Cttee next Thursday (7th) and we intends to put the item onto the agenda so there can be some discussion – in public - on views subsequent to the public exhibition. Views expressed at that meeting will be put into the draft"