Last call: Submit COOP objections by 12th May

COOP plan is fundamentally flawed - Cherwell Design and Conservation expert slams the revised proposals

The key memorandum can be downloaded below. It is important reading.

Given it is dated 21 Jan 2016 it beggars belief that the revised plans are still 'monumental in scale. Perhaps the developers also managed to miss the document?


The advice notes amongst other points:

"The redevelopment of the Cooperative building offers the opportunity to improve the quality of the High Street.  This is an important junction in the Village Centre and it is important that development takes the opportunity to improve the character of this area."

"The length and scale of the building are monumental ...."

"I would recommend that the height is reduced to three storeys and that the third storey is set back ..."


It is my view that the proposed development is too dense for the site.  This has led to significant concerns around the scale and massing of development alongside public realm issues.  The scale of development along Sterling Road Approach will confuse the relationship between this area and the High Street. While the Council is comfortable with the principle of residential apartment development in this area, a substantial reduction in the number of units is required alongside significant changes to the design and massing of the building for the proposals to be acceptable.


We hope that Cherwell Councillors will not ignore this advice and repeat the mistakes made by the City Council with the Castle Mill flats.

Cherwell Design and Conservation Officers comments
Cherwell Design Advice Jan01608330786.pd
Adobe Acrobat Document 78.9 KB


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New 'artists impressions' do not accurately show the hight or size of the proposed block. It will tower over the village centre and be very visible. Where is the 'head on' drawing to illustrate the true impact?