Kidlington Master Plan available to view

The Kidlington Masterplan is on the agenda for next months' Cherwell District Executive Committee which meets 5th December. A copy can be downloaded here. It is likely that this final draft will be endorsed by the Executive for full adoption early in the New Year.


We are pleased to see that references to to the "landscape review to establish a defensible boundary" and to building sites in the Green Belt have been deleted. A victory for Kidlington and the Parish Council. The new version of the Master Plan emphasises the value of Kidlington's open, rural setting along with the need to keep separation between other villages and the city.  It is more supportive of retaining the green belt.  As we face the current consultation on 4400 extra houses these hard won changes may yet prove significant.  


The Masterplan also sets a framework for improvements and developments of the village centre that may be significant to help win improvements to  the Coop plans.