Our Green Belt Needs YOU

Cherwell has caved in to Oxford's demand that Green Belt protection should be removed. The 'preferred' sites identified for development are chosen on the basis of closeness to North



Kidlington, Begbroke and Yarnton will be utterly transformed by a tsunami of urban sprawl. Oxford City will suffer irreparable damage to it's character and heritage setting.

Cherwell's current local plan explains the need to keep the Green Belt very well:


“The Oxford Green Belt was designated to restrain development pressures which could damage the character of Oxford City and its heritage through increased activity, traffic and the outward sprawl of the urban area.” (text accompanying policy ESD14).


They are now consulting on a revised local Plan attempts to turn Green Belt policy on it's head. Cherwell  now claims that proximity to Oxford is sufficient "exceptional reason" to build on the Green Belt around the City. This feeble justification is extremely dangerous. It could threaten the whole of the Oxford Green Belt.


Everyone who is concerned about the proposals for massive housing developments on the Green Belt needs send their objections to Cherwell before the deadline. You will all have your own concerns, some will be directly affected. All of us - and future generations - will suffer profoundly if these plans go ahead.

Cherwell's  formal Consultation closes  at 5pm on 29th August

The consultation documents are available to download on their website. Sadly, they are not  'user friendly'. Don't be intimidated by this - we are here to help interpret and highlight the important points.

Example objection letters and postcards are in production

KDW will be providing sample letters and postcards like last time  - these are being produced and will be available ASAP. Watch this space, come to our stall on Saturdays for news.

How to object?

By letter or email / email attachment


(You don't have to complete Cherwell's hideously difficult 'representation form'.


Email: PlanningPolicyConsultation@cherwell-dc.gov.uk


Planning Policy Consultation

Planning Policy Team. Strategic Planning and the Economy

Cherwell District Council

Bodicote House


Banbury OX15 4AA

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