Contact local Councillors and MP before 7th Sept.

It's time to start lobbying the decision makers

URGENT: Kidlington Parish and District Councillors must soon decide whether to object to Cherwells' Local Plan proposals or accept them. Please write or email all of our Kidlington Parish and District Councillors. Consider copying to our MP and other leading elected decision makers.


Ask them to oppose Cherwell's plan to take land out of the Green Belt and concentrate extra housing close Oxford. It is vital that Kidlington’s council makes a strong defence of the Green Belt on principle. The public have left Kidlington’s Councillors in no doubt that there is overwhelming opposition to losing the Green Belt and being swamped by Oxford. The current proposals are not intended to provide the local affordable housing that we need. Cherwell have not proven an exceptional need to build on our Green Belt. Accepting their flimsy reasons would open the floodgates. The fact that all the other sites are outside the parish boundary should not weaken their opposition. Surveyors are being seen daily measuring up the fields behind the Moors. Kidlington must work with the neighbouring parishes to oppose these plans and prevent the villages being swallowed up by a vast, Oxford City urban sprawl.

To help you their email addresses  can be downloaded here.

Kidlington Parish Councilors Aug 2017
Table of email addresses and roles. Also csv list for ease of bulk mailing
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Your Councillors

See the  Parish Council site

The links here tell you more about each Councillor and the committees they sit on.

There is also an email link.

Layla Moran MP

Layla Moran is MP for Oxford West and Abingdon

While MPs do not usually play an active role in planning consultations at District or Local Level they should, in our view be open to community concerns over local amenities and threats to the Green Belt.


Current Government policy is to protect the Green Belt.