Gosford & Water Eaton Parish Council

The Parish of Gosford and Water Eaton (GWEPC) is predominately the green belt area nestled between the north of the City of Oxford and the village of Kidlington. The parish contains the village of Gosford and the hamlet of Water Eaton. The most recent addition to the area was the first new rail link between a major British city and London in over 100 years. Many now see Oxford Parkway as the thin end of the Green Belt development wedge. The current proposals to release Green Belt would decimate GWEPC rural character and have a generational impact. The Councillors see this as a once in a lifetime fight.
They organised a packed out public Parish Meeting on Monday 24th July. They told angry residents that they totally oppose the loss of Green Belt and vowed to vote against the Local Plan proposals. They implored locals to object in large numbers saying we can't afford to lose heart. They need our full support - if enough people object it will help help sway their colleagues. The Full Council will vote on the latest round of consultation in October. There is still hope they might find some backbone and listen to the overwhelming objections of their constituents.
GWEPC have engaged an independent Planning Consultant to assist with gathering an official response to the "Local Plan Part 1 - Partial Review 'Oxford's Unmet Housing Need'". That's a massive investment for a small rural parish.
We are opposed to Green Belt development and stand with GWEPC on this issue.