3) Other matters - Cherwell 2040 Draft proposals

  • An excessive amount of land is being allocated for employment uses in the area (at Langford Lane, the Airport and Begbroke Science Park) in addition to the huge, immediately adjacent Oxford North development. This will cause further transport, and infrastructure pressures and should be limited.
  • It is unrealistic to think that facilitating “car free movements as the first choice for residents and visitors” (“aspirations for the Kidlington Area p179, Question 42) and providing better cycling and walking routes will make much difference to the traffic congestion that will result from all the new development proposed in the area.
  • There should be specific policies introduced to limit unsuitable conversion of existing houses to apartments, and to prevent re-development of properties (such as bungalows) to apartment blocks. Such developments lead to parking and traffic problems and other environmental problems for neighbours.