Oxford City's Local Plan

The Public examination of this Plan starts on Tuesday 3rd December 2019

KDW intends to take part in the most relevant sessions which will discuss Oxford's true housing need and whether the City is making best use of the land it has available for housing. The Inspectors have highlighted concerns and the need for further justification.


Hearing sessions, which are part of the overall Examination into the Plan start at 10.00am on Tuesday 3rd December 2019 within The King’s Centre, Osney Mead, Oxford, OX2 0ES.


A website for the Examination has been established and will be regularly updated throughout the process: https://www.oxford.gov.uk/localplanexamination

Housing targets deliberately set far too high

Oxford City Local Plan is still undecided. It affects everyone living in the City and surrounding Districts or who feels that the Oxford Green Belt should be protected. It proposes that a huge number of new houses should be built, most of them in the Districts and a large number on the Green Belt. Oxford’s plans are the reason Cherwell is proposing that 4,400 houses should be built on or next to the Green Belt around Begbroke, Yarnton, Kidlington and Woodstock.


Many think that the need is vastly exaggerated and that Oxford could be doing much more to meet its own need. Its updated housing assessment says around 750 new houses per year will meet its needs, including a large addition for affordable housing. The City Council is ignoring this and pushing ahead with a much higher figure. It makes a ludicrous circular argument that this is because councils like Cherwell are already planning for it. But the unnecessary higher figure is the sole reason why Cherwell is planning to build 4,400 houses in the Green Belt in our area.


In addition, the City Council we believe it is not making best use of available city brownfield sites. It is  also protecting land available within the City boundary for employment purposes (such as the Northern Gateway) instead of using it for housing. The City could probably meet most of it's housing need without asking other councils to accept it's overspill.


This plan is driving unnecessary Green Belt development around Oxford