Kidlington Parish Poll - 10th May

Those who attended the packed Parish Annual Meeting on 30th March will know that a group of residents, led by Friends of Stratfield Brake (FoSB) called for a Parish Poll. Their aim is to test Kidlington residents’ opinion on the PRINCIPLE of having this major commercial sporting venue in Kidlington or near the village. FoSB think that it is important to know if a majority of residents are opposed to the stadium BEFORE entering into detailed negotiations.


The question we are being asked is Should Kidlington Parish Council support the building of a stadium for Oxford United Football Club in Kidlington?


Everyone who is opposed - or unsure about the stadium need to VOTE NO.

Voting is restricted to people on the Kidlington Electoral register. It will be held on 10th May. You should attend your usual voting station - they will be open from 4pm to 9pm only. There is NO postal vote and voter ID WILL NOT be required (Parish Poll rules are different).
We urge everyone who is concerned about the possibility of an 18,000 seater Stadium being built in Kidlington to vote NO on May 10th. If you know of anyone who might have difficulty getting to the polling station please try to help them out.
It  really important to get a good turnout especially as the poll is 'advisory'. Parish Councillors still need to know the balance of local opinion. This might be your ONLY chance to have a say on the PRINCIPLE of accepting the stadium and all the issues it would bring. Any future consultations are likely to be much broader and about the 'sweeteners' that might be offered to try to lessen the local opposition to a done deal between the club and county council.

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