Road Closures: Sandy Lane and Yarnton Road to be closed to traffic

Vital road connections will be severed even as the population of the area soars

Bizarrely, the council proposes to allow Network Rail to close the roads linking Kidlington to Yarnton and Begbroke as part of it's plan to  nearly 2,500 new houses in the green belt between our villages.

Network Rail proposal to close the Sandy Lane and Yarnton Lane crossings

Residents have received  a letter from Network rail. It outlines their reasons for closing both crossings to traffic and how pedestrian and cycle access might be provided via bridges.Our understanding the crossing at Roundham Lock will not be affected. Yarnton Lane crossing will have a pedestrian bridge. Sandy Lane will have a ramp to permit cycle and wheelchair passage. (This is all provisional and based on discussions between the Council and Rail company  during to the Local Plan partial review)

We're not sure how this fits in with Cherwell's Local Plan to close Sandy Lane to traffic and build a new halt nearer Kidlington. It doesn't seem at all 'joined up planning'. The closures will be subject to a public consultation and should be challenged.

Network Rail Letter to Sandy and Yarnton Lane residents
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Statement of Common Ground between Network Rail and Cherwell
This document explains the Council's reasoning for agreeing to the closure of the Sandy Lane and Yarnton road crossings
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