Say NO to developing Stratfield Brake

A large football stadium & commercial complex has no place in Green Belt

 Kidlington Development Watch (KDW) has put a lot of time and effort into protecting our Green Belt. So it’s not surprising that we object strongly to Oxford United FC's (OUFC) plans to build a huge football stadium and commercial complex on 44 acres at Stratfield Brake.  We believe this would be very damaging and not in the best interests of the local communities.

One of our last open spaces is under threat

We think it is time for Oxford City, Cherwell and the County Council to commit to protect the Green Belt North of Oxford. Opportunistic, predatory development proposals should be rejected. Stratfield was acquired to make sure it 'stayed green' for posterity. It has always been considered unsuitable for a major football stadium. Nothing has changed.

Putting the proposal in context of 'appropriate development'