County Council Objective 1: Maintain a green barrier between Oxford and Kidlington. Improve access to nature and green spaces

  • Developing Stratfield Brake can NEVER meet this objective. The County acquired the land to help maintain the Kidlington Gap. Our whole area faces massive housing and other developments. Stratfield Brake, with its large nature reserve, is almost the last remaining green space stopping Kidlington being absorbed by Oxford City. The importance of keeping it as Green Belt was recently confirmed by a planning Inspector and Cherwell District Council. The County should not enter into negotiations to build a huge stadium and busy commercial complex next to a nature reserve - in breach of Green Belt planning policy.

  • An 18,000 capacity stadium would be a very large dominating structure, possibly as high as a 7 storey block of flats. We can expect noise and light pollution (which could be every weekend of the football season) plus other large events, including noisy late night concerts. It would be completely out of place with low rise houses and nature reserves around it. This is NOT appropriate Green Belt development.

  • Stratfield Brake is important to Kidlington’s residents for mental health and well-being as it provides access to a natural environment and open spaces and also opportunities for exercise. The stadium would have a major impact on biodiversity and the wildlife at the adjacent Woodland Trust Nature Reserve and also on the area’s tranquillity and enjoyment by visitors.