County Council Objective 3: significantly improve the transport infrastructure connectivity in this location, improving public transport to reduce the need for car travel in so far as possible, and to improve sustainable transport through increased walking, cycling and rail use

  • It would be just as easy and much more sustainable to improve the public transport options at Kassam.

  •  Little parking is proposed on site. Fans coming by car would be told to use the Park & Rides. In practice many would park on local streets and be prepared to walk a long way to avoid parking charges! Residents only parking zones & yellow lines would need to be introduced over a very wide area to control street parking. In which case, residents could have to pay an annual fee to park outside their home.

  • The proposed stadium retail, leisure, hotel and commercial development would increase local traffic. Traffic in the area is already set to increase hugely as a result of large-scale development in the area (4,400 homes as well as Oxford North’s 4,500 jobs and 480 homes).

  • Basically, this is just about managing a problem the stadium would CREATE - crowd access to and from the stadium from existing transport hubs before and after an event.