Cherwell Local Plan (Partial review):

The proposed loss of the Green Belt north of Oxford threatens our villages

Cherwell wants to place the extra 4,400 houses as close to Oxford as possible by releasing vast areas of green belt for development. It will allow Oxford to sprawl northwards, creating a massive urban conurbation.

Our villages swallowed up?

 Kidlington, Gosford & Water Eaton, Yarnton and Begbroke are all under threat. Residents in Cutteslowe/ N.  Oxford will be profoundly affected as will everyone who uses the historic North Oxford Golf Course.


The 410 houses originally planned to be built on PR10 near Woodstock will now be added to the sites between Kidlington and N Oxford, and the developers want to take more land as a result.


These proposals are not final and are the subject of our SOS campaign:

Stop Oxford's Sprawl

ORS report on Oxford City's Housing need
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SOS Campaign

Stop Oxford's Sprawl

Kidlington could grow from 6,000 to 10,400 households.  Our green fields sacrificed to Oxford's greed for expansion. Traffic problems will be horrendous. Schools and health services stretched. Precious countryside walks and views lost, habitats destroyed.


Kidlington's green setting is the most valuable amenity residents possess. Unless we act it may be lost forever.

Cherwell Development Watch Alliance CDWA

We are working in tandem with other action groups representing all the  communities that will be affected if these plans are approved.  Details can be found here: