Decision Day = Disappointment Day

The debate lasted three hours. Our representatives were superb and the case for rejection made crystal clear.  Seemed like only Barry Wood and Colin Clark actually wanted the Plan to become reality. But their scaremongering and pressure was enough to persuade a majority of Cherwell DC Councillors.  The vote was lost 26/17.  The Plan will now pass to a Central Government Inspector to decide. So much for localism.

So the fight moves to the next stage - WINNING

A big thanks to all of our local District Councillors for their hard work and passionate speaches against the Local Plan. Our MP  Layla Moran  presented very strong arguments for deferring the decision along with her petition to save the Green Belt.

Over a 100 people from the area turned up in the freezing cold and snow showers to meet the Councillors going into the meeting. A massive turnout - during the meeting, one of the Councillors commented that it was the largest public crowd he'd ever seen at the Committee.


The Council

A full house at Cherwell's full council meeting on the 26th February, to vote control over our Green Belt away


These are the people who spoke for the public before the Councillors debated. And they all did you proud.

The Vote

The 'High Table' lead the vote to approve the plan.

Lies, damned lies and excuses .....

Enough with all the hand wringing and feeble excuses. All those Councillors (and they are in the majority) who allowed themselves to be frightened or covertly whipped to vote with the Conservative council leaders should be ashamed. They had this one chance to stand up for Cherwell residents and they blew it. Big Time. 

Clr Barry Wood always saves the worst for the last - himself

Clr Colin Clarke CDC Planning lead tried to play down the impact by saying 'ONLY 3% of Cherwells Green Belt " will be lost.   He knows that at least 50% of the Green Belt nearest N Oxford will be consumed by Oxford's sprawl.

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