KDW Detailed objection points

Our detailed guidance on how to object was issued 9th September. It contains points you might want to consider making to Cherwell. There is much to think about here. there is no limit to the number of submissions anyone can make to the consultation. Even if you've already written to the council please write again if there is anything you want to add.


If you think we've missed anything please let us know.

KDW Response to the Cherwell Local Plan Revision 10Oct2017
KDW Representations on CDCPR Final_RA.pd
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CPRE Press Release

CPRE Briefing to Cherwell Councillors Feb 2018
CPRE Oxon CDC Briefing Feb2018.pdf
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CPRE: Preferred Green Belt Sites Map
CPRE Oxon - Cherwell Local Plan Green Be
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