Oxford City's Local Plan Consultation on Proposed Submission Draft

Deadline is Friday 28th December

Oxford is consulting on its proposed Local Plan. It must be a concern for anyone living in the surrounding Districts or who feels that the Oxford Green Belt should be protected. It proposes that a huge number of new houses should be built, most of them in the Districts and a large number on the Green Belt. Oxford’s plans are the reason Cherwell is proposing that 4,400 houses should be built on or next to the Green Belt around Begbroke, Yarnton, Kidlington and Woodstock.


However, we think that the need is vastly exaggerated and that Oxford could be doing much more to meet its own need.


If you want to object to the plan you need to do so by Friday 28th December


Oxford does not need the 1400 new houses per year it is planning for. Its own updated housing assessment says around 750 new houses per year will meet its needs, including a large addition for affordable housing. The City Council is ignoring this and pushing ahead with the higher figure. It makes a ludicrous circular argument that this is because councils like Cherwell are already planning for it. But the unnecessary higher figure is the sole reason why Cherwell is planning to build 4,400 houses in the Green Belt in our area.


In addition, the City Council plan to protect land available within the City boundary for employment purposes (such as the Northern Gateway) instead of using it for housing. If it did give priority to housing, the City could probably meet all of its true needs within its boundaries without Cherwell and the other councils having to build on the Green Belt at all.


These two policies are driving unnecessary Green Belt development around Oxford

Guidance on submitting your comments

Please try and find the time over Christmas to comment on their proposals.

If you want to object to the plan you need to do so by Friday 28th December.
The consultation is a formal one which requires certain information to be provided in a specific way. There are two key policy questions which need your response.
We have written a template that you can download to help answer these questions in the right way.  We also suggested model wording for comments on two of the most controversial aspects of the plan. Please feel free to use them, editing the text as much as you like.  The more you can change the text and make the comments personal to you, the better.
If you have any difficulty or need clarification do email us - we'll help if we can.

Responses should be sent to planningpolicy@oxford.gov.uk
We suggest using the subject:
Comments on Oxford Local Plan Submission Draft.

Also make sure that you request and get an acknowledgement from the Council which you should then keep. You can also copy yourself in to the e-mail for added reassurance.

If you have time to look at the plan in more detail or wish to respond online visit:


Guidance on taking part in Oxford City Local Plan
A word template for replying to the consultation by letter or email
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