Oxford City Local Plan Consultation August 2017: Oxford City still does not have a Local Plan

What we say....

The City’s own housing need is clearly best addressed in the City itself as to do otherwise is to create commuting and make for a less vibrant City.


Despite that, and despite their acknowledging that housing need is the number one priority, particularly for more affordable homes, the City intends to address only a third of it within its boundaries, pleading lack of capacity to accommodate it. The rest is off-loaded on to surrounding authorities under the Duty to Cooperate, not just creating commuting, but also exacerbating the land supply problems of those neighbouring authorities.


It is CPRE’s view that all, or at least the greater part of, the City’s housing need could and should be accommodated within the City, on non-Green Belt land, through:


1. Using land ring-fenced for employment to meet the greater housing priority instead.

2. The use of brownfield sites.

3. A step increase in density targets.

CPRE Oxon final response to the Oxford City Council Local Plan Consultation
CPRE Oxon Response LP Pref Options Aug 1
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KDW Response to Oxford Local Plan 25 August 2017
KDW response Oxford Local Plan Aug 2017.
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The City needs to get its own housing in order!

Consultation ended Friday 25 August.

 Oxford City Council is currently consulting on the Preferred Options for its own Local Plan for housing & development through to 2036. You don’t have to live within the City to respond. And since their plans have an overwhelming knock-on effect on the Oxford Green Belt and Cherwell’s own proposals, now is the time to have your say.


The City Council says it has a housing need of over 24,000 houses but can only find space for around 8,000 of these, hence its desired overflow onto neighbouring Districts. However, CPRE Oxfordshire says that the City could meet most, if not all, of its housing need within its own boundaries by:

  • Prioritising land for housing rather than jobs
  • Making better use of brownfield sites
  • Taking a step increase in density targets.

See the CPRE Oxfordshire website for further info.


If the City were to adopt this approach, there would be NO NEED for Cherwell to consider releasing major swathes of Green Belt around Kidlington and elsewhere.


Oxford plans to encourage growth in employment within the City are irresponsible. There are other locations within the county that could accommodate additional growth more sustainably and reduce the need for commuter traffic and its associated pollution and congestion.


Please take a few moments to register your views with the City Council. There is a short questionnaire you can fill in on the City Council website (although you may share our view that the questions are somewhat loaded!): https://www.oxford.gov.uk/info/20067/planning_policy/743/the_local_plan


Alternatively, simply email your views (by 25 August) to: planningpolicy@oxford.gov.uk