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The case for violating the green belt has not been made

The case for violating the green belt has not been made! As we all know, the Green Belt exists to protect Oxford, and if it had any sense the city would unite with all of us in defending its status as a belt of undeveloped landscape protected by law to preserve the character of the city, instead of which they are content to sit back and watch us choke in other people's exhaust fumes. And Cherwell are intent on betraying us. They have thrown in their lot with the developers and with the big money, they have clearly decided in advance to scrap the Green Belt and they are choosing to ignore the clearly expressed wishes of their constituency.

John B

Increasing development pressure

 The Green Belt was put in place for a very good purpose and the increasing pressure from developers makes the reasons for doing so even more important today than when it was first designated.

- Roger D

This proposal will impact us all

I fought a development (unsuccessfully) in Tackley. Hope you have better success. This proposal will impact us all, irrespective of whether we live in the areas at risk.

Sally G.

Green Belt is a legacy

We need to preserve our green belt as a legacy to our young people. - Lynn P

Enough is enough

Good luck and shout loud. Enough is enough ...
- Lewis O

Important campaign

Nothing is more important to the future of Kidlington than your campaign.

Jeff & Jan L

Council are trying to bulldoze this plan

Am just really annoyed the way the council are trying to bulldoze this plan through

Martin P.


Hope it helps to get the council to listen to the communities.

Linda B.

What planet are Cherwell on?

 What planet are Cherwell on? Beyond belief they seem to have totally ignored all the objections, as I suspected at the Parish Council public meeting this was a done deal a long time ago.

- Paul W