Act now to save Stratfield Brake

 Oxford United FC want to build a huge football stadium and commercial complex on 44 acres at Stratfield Brake. The County Council who own the land has been asked to transfer it to OUFC under a 250 year lease.


Kidlington Development Watch (KDW) has put a lot of time and effort into protecting our Green Belt. So it’s not surprising that we object strongly to this plan. Stratfield Brake is not the right answer to OUFC’s problems.


Permitting commercial development on this sensitive Green Belt site is not consistent with national or Local planning policies. Policies that are in place to protect our environment and quality of life. The map below shows the staggering scale of housing and commercial development already in the pipeline on former Green Belt sites.

Map of development already approved and proposed around Kidlington Oxfordshire
Development around Kidlington Oxfordshire


Kidlington Development Watch think that OUFC’s plans would be very damaging and not in the best interests of the local communities. If you agree, it’s important to respond to the County Council’s public consultation which closes on 22nd February. It can be found online at

Our views on the County Council Consultation

 The County wants your views on whether OUFC’s proposals meet their six negotiating objectives. Our views are given here, though it’s best to use your own words to say why you object - or support – the plans. We recommend telling the County if you live or work locally and say how the plans would affect you personally.
It is also important to tell your local councillors what you think.

  1. The green barrier between Oxford and Kidlington.
  2. Facilities and financial support for local sports groups
  3. Transport infrastructure in this location
  4. Local employment opportunities in Oxfordshire
  5. Sports centre provision
  6. Net zero carbon emissions and sustainable development
  7. Other comments on the proposal
  8. Let your local Councillors know your views

This information can also be downloaded as a PDF leaflet or read online via the links above.