Oxford to Cambridge Expressway

The Expressway will carve it's way across the country creating a greater London Conurbation. The plan is to build a million homes in a ribbon development along it. Oxfordshire would have to provide an extra 300,000 houses.  That is the equivalent of two cities the size of Liverpool and will more than double the counties housing stock. That will require a vast influx of people. We don't believe this is necessary or desirable.


Unforgivably, the Government intend to drive this project through without any meaningful public consultation. They plan to decide the preferred route and only then consult on the fine detail.


One of the 3 routes being explored would widen or parallel the A34. 1000's of more houses will be built along the route. There is massive potential local impact.

The East-West Rail alternative: Reopen the Varsity Line

We  support East West Rail's plan to re-open the Varsity Line. It will vastly improve connectivity across the country without ruining our countryside.   We believe the rail link should be completed BEFORE any decision on building a motorway style express way link. Let the Transport Secretary prove that rail is NOT a viable alternative before ruining our countryside.

Details of the rail project are available on the East-West rail website.


Their justification for building the rail line is partially tied to helping deliver the National Infrastructure Commissions' ambition  to  create  the proposed ‘Oxford-Milton Keynes-Cambridge growth corridor'. To rival Silicon Valley,  creating a million new hobs,  a million new homes and a massive population increas.