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Cherwell to consult on it's draft Local Plan during September

On 5th September, Cherwell's Executive Committee approved a draft of the Local Plan Review 2040. The consultation will be for six weeks, commencing in September, and the feedback received will help the council progress further work on the Plan.


See the full announcment here and sign up to be told when the consultation starts


We are promised that  "this is not a final plan. We are still gathering evidence and considering our options, so it is an excellent time for people to let us know if the Plan meets the district’s needs, and to share their views on how we could improve it.


We are deeply concerned to see that Chewell wants to take yet more Green Belt for housing development. Their previous consultation said that this was not proposed, and the recent Local Plan partial review should have set the new boundaries. 

The draft Local Plan proposes taking the land behind the Moors out of the Green Belt for housing development.

Once again, the proposals are based on an unnecessarily excessive level of housing provision. Cherwell would be unlikely to maintain such a high 5 year housing supply. That would leave the District open to speculative development proposals.


The level of employment provision is really alarming. It will be used by developers to justify even more housing (Behind the Moors and elsewhere). A recent letter to the Oxford TImes spells out the problem very well:

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Consultation on stadium proposals open until 23rd July

OUFC have finally published their 'detailed' proposals for a stadium on the Triangle at the Kidlington roundabout. The county council have launched a public consultation which runs for six weeks.


We encourage people to take part and let the Council know what they think of the proposals.

For guidance on how to object please visit Friends of Stratfield Brake who have put considerable work into scrutinising the details.


As ever, it is most important to reply IN YOUR OWN WORDS and to encourage as many like-minded people as possible to take part in the consultation. (We understand a valid email and post code is needed to take part, which raises doubts as to the secureness and validity of the exercise).

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