Kidlington roundabout consultation extended to 12th August

Oxfordshire County Council have agreed to extend the consultation to 12th August. However, at the time of writing they have not publicised this extension, nor have they improved the consultation information available online to highlight the loss of the poplars and other trees that grace the approach to Kidlington.

It seems the County knows this going to be very "un-Poplar" - so lets make our feelings about the fellings very clear.


Our analysis lists many other reasons for serious concern and lead us to argue that the plans need to be improved in order to meet their objectives

" Painting titled: Welcome to Kidlington: the roundabout poplars at night II" by James Hamilton, March 2022
" Welcome to Kidlington: the roundabout poplars at night II" by James Hamilton, March 2022
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A "Green Ring" for Kidlington?

Kidlington will expand massively as the sites shown in red on the map below are developed. We must improve access to our remaining green spaces and enhance their Green Belt protection. Kidlington Development Watch (KDW) supports the Parish Council's proposal to create a Green Ring around the village. We have proposed a vision for the creation of the 'Green Ring' that would include the creation of two Local Green Space areas (LGS) designated as being of special importance to the local community and village setting.


We hope that footpath users and residents will support our proposals during the next round of consultation of the Cherwell Local Plan 2040.

Poppy fields SE of St Mary's Kidlingon
Poppy fields SE of St Mary's Kidlingon - photo courtesy of Louise Crone
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OUFC asked to spell out their stadium plans

At it's meeting on Tues 15th March,  the County Council Cabinet authorised it's officers to enter detailed discussions with Oxford United Football Club (OUFC). The next stage will examine the feasibility of their plans to build an 18,000-capacity stadium, community and sports grounds

along with commercial development needed to fund the stadium, for example hotel, retail and conference facilities.

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Act now to save Stratfield Brake

 Oxford United FC want to build a huge football stadium and commercial complex on 44 acres at Stratfield Brake. The County Council who own the land has been asked to transfer it to OUFC under a 250 year lease.


Kidlington Development Watch (KDW) has put a lot of time and effort into protecting our Green Belt. So it’s not surprising that we object strongly to this plan. Stratfield Brake is not the right answer to OUFC’s problems.


Permitting commercial development on this sensitive Green Belt site is not consistent with national or Local planning policies. Policies that are in place to protect our environment and quality of life. The map below shows the staggering scale of housing and commercial development already in the pipeline on former Green Belt sites.

Map of development already approved and proposed around Kidlington Oxfordshire
Development around Kidlington Oxfordshire
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Consultation on development sites in Kidlington Gap

Cherwell District Council are now inviting feedback on draft development briefs for the sites between Kidlington and N Oxford. On the map below they are marked as PR7a (Water Eaton Lane/Sainsbury Roundabout, the Golf Course (PR6b) and the land west of Oxford Road below Cutteslowe park.


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Stratfield Brake and Oxford United FC

 At the time of writing, a proposal has just been made for a new 18,000 capacity football stadium for Oxford United together with leisure, retail, hotel and conference centre developments to be built on the Stratfield Brake Sports Ground. We argue that this appears to be an inappropriate development that is not in Kidlington’s long term interests.  The proposal has been launched with a  massive PR drive aimed at obscuring the very real planning concerns.

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