Cooperative Development given the go-ahead by Planning Inspector

Re: Planning Inspectorate APP/C3105/W/17/3182065: Co-operative Retail Services Ltd, OX5 2DH

The Inspector has ruled that the development of the 52 flats and loss of car park and retail space can go ahead unchanged. A very sad day for our Parish Council and  Kidlington village centre. Let's hope it proves not to be the overwhelming monolithic structure we all fear. However one thing is for sure; there will be little in the way of affordable housing. The average cost of the flats is projected to be ~£287.596 (£412 per sq ft).

The decision ruling can be downloaded from the side bar to the left.


Oxford City Council's own  Local Plan Consultation ended Friday 25th September. The Councils preferred options - to grow new employment sites in preference to much needed, truly affordable housing is behind Cherwell's proposals to allow 4,400 'Oxford City' houses to sprawl out into green belt & green field.


We thank everyone who has responded. If you missed the deadline then we suggest you submit anyway.  For more info.  visit the City Council website at:


we recommend simply emailing replies with attachment to

CPRE Oxfordshire  full response to the Oxford Local Plan. You can download a copy here.

KDW's response is shorter but we trust to the point. It is a great pity that Oxford City seems on course to miss the opportunity to think radically and deliver a Local Plan this great place deserves and needs.

SOS Campaign News

Dropbox responses top 400!

Important update:  Representations to Cherwell Local Plan Consultation:

Delighted to report that the Kidlington drop boxes have been a great success. Rosie delivered a total 414 representations to Cherwell Planning Consultation offices at lunchtime on Tuesday 10th October. Based on the price of a 2nd class stamp we've saved the community at least £232 in postage.


There were 398 completed postcards in total. Importantly almost everyone (387 - 97%) made their own personal hand written representations in the space provided. So Cherwell and the Planning Inspector cannot discount these as a 'form of petition' and we will hold them to account if they try !


Allowing for everyone who replied by other methods it seems likely Cherwell will have received upwards of 600 public representations to their proposals. It's good to know we have helped Cherwell get a good insight into public opinion and the massive interest in their plans to urbanise our villages.

KDW response submitted - read it here

One final push to the Consultation deadline on Tues 10th Oct

Highlighting the community campaigns in the local press

Check out the coverage in the Oxford Times & Oxford Mail  this week

Clr Barry Wood: No delay and certainly not abandonment.

Clr Barry Wood's reply to an open letter asking him to rethink or resign is published in full below.

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To Clr Barry Wood: rethink or resign

KDW endorses this open letter sent to Clr Barry Wood following his disastrous performance at the Public Meeting on 21st September. We urge everyone to write to Barry Wood (leader of Cherwell District Council) and to Bob Price (leader of Oxford City Council).

Share your concerns. Hold them accountable. 


Clicking on the links below should open your email programme. If not copy and paste them in.

Dear Clr Barry Wood


Thank you for attending the Kidlington Parish Council public meeting on 21st September and for taking questions on the proposed changes to the Local Plan. Your frank responses reinforced my view – shared with many others – that Cherwell District Council does not intend to take the public consultation seriously. That it is listening only to the development lobby and running scared of litigation. Tellingly, most of the reasons given in the Local Plan for building on the Green Belt North of Oxford read as if they have been copied and pasted from some Local Enterprise / Oxfordshire Growth Board strategy document for capitalising on cashing in the land value. You dismissed suggestions to wait on the outcome of the current Government consultation that could well show that the current SHMA housing targets  are perhaps double what is needed. You seemed remarkably unconcerned by the possibility Cherwell is committed to many more homes than it really needs and seemed determined to compound the error by building homes that Oxford City doesn’t need in the most inappropriate and vulnerable part of the Green Belt. Your defense was twofold:

  • that the SHMA target doesn’t need to be accurate so long as it has been approved via the correct process
  • if a new formula were introduced that slashes the existing target you were confident in the Council’s ability to find ways to keep housing need projections at the current level.


Do you really think that this is an appropriate and professional response to serious and legitimate concerns? I never saw such a blatant display of official contempt for both the probity of the Council’s conduct of an evidence based process and for public scrutiny. It is most important to be sure the housing target is as accurate as possible. So much relies on it. I recall the initial Local Plan Examination in Public saw Cherwell’s case thrown out for not meeting newly revised SHMA targets. It had to go back to the drawing board to double the housing numbers. Is that not a clear pointer toward the need to stop and rethink – to apply your vaunted ingenuity to bring the numbers down?  This requires making a clear separation between need (which is finite) and demand (which is massive and almost infinite). Cherwell already has a massive new build commitment and a Local Plan in place. It need not rush to add more. It certainly should not progress a process designed to take land out of the Green Belt against a background of heightened uncertainty magnified by Oxford City not having  a Local Plan in place.


 I urge you to take a principled stance in your role as Leader of the Council and our representative on the Growth Board. Please do everything in your power to apply the safety brake. I think the 400+ members of the public present at Exeter Hall on Thursday made their feelings clear and gave you a mandate to change direction. Please feed this back to the Growth Board and your fellow Council Leaders. It is time our elected representatives acted to re-open the housing need question. Cherwell Council should work with the Growth Board to withdraw support for allocating Oxfords unmet housing pending an urgent review of the underpinning housing need projections.


I invite you to examine your conscience over the questions asked at the Kidlington meeting and come up with better answers. If you really are unwilling or powerless to Stop Oxford's Sprawl and save our Green Belt then perhaps it is time to resign. No one of principle would want to preside over the urbanisation of Oxford's Green Belt. History will not forgive you.

Yours sincerely

Linda Ward, Kidlington

25th September 2017

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Kidlington Public Meeting Report by Linda Ward

Over 400 people packed into Kidlington's Exeter Hall for the meeting hosted by the Parish Council (KPC)to discuss the Cherwell District Councils' proposed changes to the current Local Plan.

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Kidlington Parish Council is hosting a public meeting at 7:30pm, Thursday 21st September, at Exeter Hall. This is your chance to ask questions of your local MP, Layla Moran, and Parish Councillors and tell them what you think about Cherwell's proposals for 4,000 houses in the Green Belt in and around Kidlington.
Please tell your friends and neighbours about this event.
Also, please consider contributing to our re-launched crowd funding appeal.

KDW Detailed Guidance available to read and download

KDW has now issued a detailed guidance document to aid people tease out the main points to consider when objecting to the Local Plan revision. It was sent to our mailing list members on 9th September.


It is available to view and download here.