Legal Challenge to the Local Plan

Sadly, the conservative majority on Cherwell Council bulldozed the Local Plan through. It was approved by 27 votes to 16 at a special council meeting on 7th September.

We have now started legal proceedings to challenge this deeply flawed plan.


A Judicial Review is now our only hope of redress. We understand that there is a reasonable chance of success on two grounds. We believe we have a duty to pursue this to the end. Our precious Green Belt is irreplaceable, and should be protected for the benefit of future generations.


We are driving the legal campaign via the Cherwell Development Watch Alliance (CDWA). It is a team effort, involving KDW, the Begbroke and Yarnton Green Belt Campaign, GreenWay Oxon, Harbord Road Area Residents Association and Woodstock Action Group.


Our action is supported by Gosford and Water Eaton, Begbroke, Yarnton and Kidlington Parish Councils.

How you can help

For more information please visit the CDWA website here