Council voted to approve the Local Plan on 7th Sept 2020

Sadly, the conservative majority on Cherwell Council bulldozed through the Local Plan by 27 votes to 16. We thank our local councillors for speaking and voting against the party line.


KDW is currently working with our colleagues in the Alliance on  a potential legal challenge to this deeply flawed plan.

Grounds for a legal challenge?

If the Council adopts the Local Plan the only remaining way to to stop the Local Plan will be via a Judicial Review. We've been working on this since the final report came out.   We are taking legal advice on whether there are good grounds to mount a legal challenge. That is not a decision to be taken lightly given the cost and time it would involve. However, the feeling in KDW, our partners in the Alliance and affected parish councils is that we must explore every option. Our precious Green Belt is irreplaceable, and should be protected for the benefit of future generations.

If the case for Judicial Review is considered strong enough, and likely to succeed we will need to raise a significant sum of money to cover the legal fees. We hope that you will consider donating toward a legal campaign. This really would be our last chance to Stop Oxford's Sprawl.

Network Rail proposal to close the Sandy Lane and Yarnton Lane crossings

Residents have received  a letter from Network rail. It outlines their reasons for closing both crossings to traffic and how pedestrian and cycle access might be provided via bridges.Our understanding the crossing at Roundham Lock will not be affected. Yarnton Lane crossing will have a pedestrian bridge. Sandy Lane will have a ramp to permit cycle and wheelchair passage. (This is all provisional and based on discussions between the Council and Rail company  during to the Local Plan partial review)

We're not sure how this fits in with Cherwell's Local Plan to close Sandy Lane to traffic and build a new halt nearer Kidlington. It doesn't seem at all 'joined up planning'. The closures will be subject to a public consultation and should be challenged.

Network Rail Letter to Sandy and Yarnton Lane residents
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.9 MB

Concreting Tories have declared open season on Green Belts

Giles Lewis, Chair of our Alliance highlights the political hypocrisy blighting the planning system.

POETS offer a different vision for Oxfordshire

The Coronavirus crisis and Climate emergency are an opportunity to consider the sort of society we want in  future. Many essentials of society: the NHS, secondary education for all, and many measures to protect the countryside were laid in the aftermath of world war 2.

The N Oxford Golf Club: a threatened jewel

N Oxford Golf Club is a beautiful parkland setting that has provided wonderful recreational opportunities for tens of thousands of local residents of all ages over many years. Cherwell District Council should  protect this jewel.

Video is on YouTube here: