Saving the Green Belt: Our Main Goal

About KDW

We are Kidlington residents with experience and interest in planning issues. Kidlington's rural setting and surrounding Green Belt are under threat. We campaign to maintain Kidlington's rural setting and for improvements to the village. We believe that developers can and should deliver decent, affordable housing without taking away the Green Belt. We think this is important for the enjoyment, benefit, quality of life of our community and for and for the environment and wildlife.

KDW believes that effective, informed public participation in planning consultations is vital to democratic policy making. We publicise those that directly affect Kidlington and offer advice on how best to make your views known.

Green belt benefits

The green belt around Kidlington has prevented the rapid expansion of the village beyond the current boundaries. Without this protection Kidlington may have merged with surrounding villages and Oxford City. 


The current drive for massive housing development threatens to overcome the Green Belt despite the Governments stated commitment to preserving it.

KDW member Linda Ward, speaks at the ROAR Rally in Woodstock  in April 2016 about Cherwell District Council's proposal that the Kidlington Masterplan might include a  local Green Belt review. (Intense local opposition led CDC to remove this from the Masterplan - only to resurface via the Local Plan revision to meet Oxford's unmet need).