We say that the fields behind the Moors should remain in the Green Belt under the Cherwell Local Plan 2040

For the following reasons:

  • the fields behind the Moors are within one of the last areas of unspoilt, tranquil open countryside surrounding Kidlington, with no built development or roads all the way to the River Cherwell and beyond. (i.e a perfect example of Green Belt working well).

  •  the area is crossed by public footpaths and there are many well used informal footpaths, showing how much the fields are enjoyed and appreciated for recreation.


  • the fields provide an unique setting for St Mary’s Church and have archaeological interest related to the Iron Age, Roman and medieval periods.

  • the fields are relatively small and bounded by hedges and trees which therefore support a variety of wildlife, particularly birds and including rare wildlife species such as Short Eared Owls and Skylarks. Foxes, deer, weasels, field mice and grass snakes are seen. There is a small pond where a footpath meets the Moors where great crested newts have been found in the past.

  • The fields are in the ‘Recovery Zone’ of the Oxfordshire Nature Recovery Network and adjacent to the Lower Cherwell Valley Conservation Target Area and the setting of the River Cherwell Valley (as the plan itself says).

  • Options for vehicular access are limited and the Moors itself is already subject to traffic calming measures.

  • There is potential to create flooding problems on adjacent land due to run off from new hard surfaces.

  • The area should instead be designated as a Local Green Space as was put forward by KDW (and supported by the parish council) at the time of the 2021 consultation.


  • The Council should stick to the statement it made in its 2021 consultation that it was not proposing further residential development in the Green Belt around Kidlington.

  •  the Council appears to be ignoring potential brownfield sites, such as the one proposed by Dorchester Living at Upper Heyford, that has local Parish Council support. These should be prioritised over green belt/ green belt sites.