5 Days Left to Keep Kidlington Green (Land Behind the Moors)

Post dated 29 Oct 2023:
Cherwell is currently running a consultation on a new Local Plan. It proposes 300 homes on the fields that run behind the Moors toward St Mary's.  (the Land Behind The Moors).




on Thursday 2nd Nov. at 7.30pm
in Exeter Hall
Let's show our Councillors the strength of feeling in the village


The Local Plan will set Cherwell's planning policies out to 2040. It is currently at a draft stage - feedback received now could influence the final draft version which will be submitted to govenment for inspection and aproval.


YES It is worth responding.
This is not a done deal.

Have YOUR Say ..
and encourage friends and family to object.

KDW’s guide includes suggestions for what to say in your response to Cherwell and is focused on local concerns.

CPRE Oxon's guide takes a wider view but they promise it is possible to respond in just 5 minutes if you dont have much time !

Brownfield vs Green Field Sites?

 You may have seen a leaflet circulated by Dorchester Living,  They want the Council to consider building on brownfield land at Upper Heyford. They argue  that their site - part of the disused airport - could be an alternative to greenfield sites in Upper Heyford and Green Belt sites such as the Moors in Kidlington.


We agree that brownfield development is preferable to taking green belt and green field sites. Though it’s not clear at this stage that Heyford Park could be a viable alternative to the Moors. 

The key points to make are the excessive housing targets and the need to protect the remaining Green Belt around Kidlington. Use your own words and Use our guide to help you.

You could add that you are also aware that the Council appears to be ignoring potential brownfield sites, such as the one proposed by Dorchester Living at Upper Heyford, that has local Parish Council suport. These should be prioritised over green belt/ green belt sites.

 (& if you've already replied then you can send additional comments up to the closing date)


PLEASE send your responses directly to Cherwell (i.e. NOT via Dorchester Living).

How to respond to Cherwell

The closing date for responses is Friday 3rd November (midnight).

You must give your name and contact address (email or postal).

Please be aware that any comments received will be made publicly available.


For many people it’s easiest to send an e-mail to:



you can also submit comments in one of the following ways:

·         complete Cherwell’s online survey at https://www.cherwell.gov.uk/local-plan-review-2040. (you dont have to answer all the questions)

·         complete and return a downloadable version of the survey

·         write to Planning Policy Consultation, Planning Policy Team, Cherwell District Council, Bodicote House, Bodicote, Banbury. OX15 4AA.

Keep in touch !

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