Local Green Spaces (LGS) for Kidlington

In November 2021 Kidlington Development Watch, supported by Kidlington Parish Council asked Cherwell Council to create a number of Local Green Spaces as part of it's Local Plan (2040) consultation. these were:

  • The Bury Moor Fields (Land Behind the Moors)
  • Church Street Conservation Area and Setting of St Mary's

Our detailed justification for this can be downloaded here.


It sets out the history, setting importance of these open spaces to the village setting. The document also discusses the practicalities of cerating and improving the 'Green Ring' around Kidlington. Our aim was to secure the additional protection of LGS designation for this precious remaining Green Belt.


However, by the time the LGS applications were reviewed Cherwell had already decided to  look at building on the land behind the Moors. It failed to consider the case on it's merits. Church Street Conservation area was considered to be adequately protected by it's status as a conservation area.


Cherwell rejects Kidlington Local Green Spaces (LGS) - 26Jan23


Our well argued case to create two Local Green Spaces (LGS) to the SE and W of St Mary's church failed to be included in the draft Cherwell Local Plan 2040.


With the Parish Council's full support, we had proposed that the field North of the Moors (the Bury Moor Fields) and the Church Street Conservation area fields met the governments criteria to be awarded the additional protection of LGS designation.

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A "Green Ring" for Kidlington? - 25Jul22

Kidlington will expand massively as the sites shown in red on the map below are developed. We must improve access to our remaining green spaces and enhance their Green Belt protection. Kidlington Development Watch (KDW) supports the Parish Council's proposal to create a Green Ring around the village. We have proposed a vision for the creation of the 'Green Ring' that would include the creation of two Local Green Space areas (LGS) designated as being of special importance to the local community and village setting.


We hope that footpath users and residents will support our proposals during the next round of consultation of the Cherwell Local Plan 2040.

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Call for Cherwell to protect our local green Spaces! 11Nov21

Cherwell district Council - Local Plan 2040 consultation

KDW’s response to Cherwell Council’s previous “Options” consultation is now available to download.

We support and expand on  Kidlington Parish Council's initial proposal for a linked network of 'Local Green Spaces" (LGS) surrounding the village. We  focus on the positive reasons for LGS designation rather than reasons why the surrounding Green Belt sites should not be built upon.

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